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Manage all your digital content, wherever it is stored.


We all own gigabytes of files, emails, social media posts, appointments, IM/text messages and contacts spread across dozens of places. Blob lets you find, use, organize & manage it all. It is a universal aggregator that will significantly simplify your digital life.

Blob supports all content types - files, emails, appoinments, social media posts and contacts

It supports all content types. . .

Blob supports local hard disks, cameras, phones, USB & flash storage etc.

. . . at local storage locations

Blob supports web based email, cloud photo/file storage accounts, calendars etc.

. . . and web based accounts

Blob runs and stores its index files only on your computer – nothing is ever sent to Datamaton’s servers and you don’t need to create an account with us.



Most people only do partial ad-hoc backups – it’s too hard to back up everything important from every storage location.

Home-brewed scripts or backup apps. . .

Home brewed backup scripts

. . .That run at inconvenient times; backup only files (not important emails, posts etc.) and need to be udpated as you create, move or delete folders.

Web based email and photo/file storage accounts. . .

  • Blob supports Google Drive   Google Drive
  • Blob supports Microsoft OneDrive   Microsoft OneDrive
  •   Google Photos
  • Blob supports Picasa Web Albums   Picasa Web Album
  • Apple iCloud
  • Dropbox
  • Blob supports Windows Live mail   Microsoft Mail
  • Yahoo (Verizon) Mail/Flickr

. . .That are expensive or need constant monitoring for space over-runs.


Blob lets you move or copy any type of content from anywhere to anywhere

Backup any content type
  • Any content types, not just files.
  • Including content embedded inside emails, ZIP/ISO files etc.
Backup any storage location
  • From anywhere to anywhere, local or remote.
  • You can even migrate entire email accounts by moving or copying emails from one account to another.
Schedule backup tasks
  • Manually or automatically on a schedule.
  • Within seconds of content being created or modified!
Encrypt backup
  • Compressed, encrypted or in the original or standard format.
  • Using intuitive rules to select from multiple sources.
  • Back-up files within seconds of being created or modified.

  • Back-up your phones, important emails, social media posts/comments, text messages. . .

  • Synchronize content across multiple locations.




Many files, emails etc. belong to multiple categories, but we have only rigid file & folder names to organize them. We :

  • Create deep folder structures just to organize files.

  • Copy a file to multiple folders – once for each category it belongs to.

  • Have no way to organize social media posts, contacts etc.

  • Have no way to group together related content at different places.


With Blob, create Virtual Folders based on content properties, not where it resides

Organize Content into Virtual Folders

  • Assign tags to any content type, stored anywhere.
  • Group together related files, emails, appointments, contacts etc.
  • A given file, email, appointment etc. can exist in multiple Virtual Folders.
  • A Virtual Folder only stores links – the actual content stays at its original location.


Day-to-Day Use

We have too many online accounts and struggle to keep up.

  • We spend too much time logging in & out of multiple accounts.

  • Searching, organizing & backing-up each account individually is a pain.

  • We don’t check old accounts – and miss messages & forget passwords.

  • We get irritated with all the tracking ads that show up each time!


Do all your day-to-day work with Blob

  • Create, delete, read, reply and forward emails.
  • Copy or move messages between email accounts.

  • Create and manage your appointments.
  • Work with local as well as web based calendars.

  • Like, post and comment at your social media accounts.
  • Upload or download files – to local or cloud storage.

  • Move & copy files from anywhere to anywhere – local or cloud storage.
  • Work with files embedded inside ZIP or ISO files.

  • Auto-harvest contacts from email messages.
  • Auto-complete email address harvested from any account.


  • Blob is a file manager, email & calendar client and social media manager combined into one app.


Check out our Blog and Frequently Asked Questions for more details. Download the always-free version or 45-day trial version of Blob, or buy it now.