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Manage all your digital content, wherever it is stored.


We all own gigabytes of files, emails, social media posts, appointments and contacts spread across dozens of places. Blob lets you find, use, organize & manage it all. Blob is a universal aggregator – a search tool, organizer, backup utility and email/calendar client combined into one powerful app that will simplify your digital life.

Blob supports all content types - files, emails, appoinments, social media posts and contacts

It supports all content types. . .

Blob supports local hard disks, cameras, phones, USB & flash storage etc.

. . . at local storage locations

Blob supports web based email, cloud photo/file storage accounts, calendars etc.

. . . and web based accounts

Blob runs and stores its index files only on your computer – nothing is ever sent to Datamaton’s servers and you don’t need to create an account with us.



Most people use ad-hoc backup methods and don’t even know what they’re not backing up until it’s too late.

Home-brewed scripts or backup apps. . .

Home brewed backup scripts

. . .That run at inconvenient times; backup only files (not important emails, posts etc.) and need to be udpated as you create, move or delete folders.

Web based email and photo/file storage accounts. . .

  • Blob supports Google Drive   Google Drive
  • Blob supports Microsoft OneDrive   Microsoft OneDrive
  •   Google Photos
  • Blob supports Picasa Web Albums   Picasa Web Album
  • Apple iCloud
  • Dropbox
  • Blob supports Windows Live mail   Microsoft Mail
  • Yahoo (Verizon) Mail/Flickr

. . .That are expensive or need constant monitoring for space over-runs.


Blob lets you move or copy any type of content from anywhere to anywhere

Backup any content type
  • Any content types, not just files.
  • Including content embedded inside emails, ZIP/ISO files etc.
Backup any storage location
  • From anywhere to anywhere, local or remote.
  • You can even migrate entire email accounts by moving or copying emails from one account to another.
Schedule backup tasks
  • Manually or automatically on a schedule.
  • Within seconds of content being created or modified!
Encrypt backup
  • Compressed, encrypted or in the original or standard format.
  • Using intuitive rules to select from multiple sources.
  • Back-up files within seconds of being created or modified.

  • Back-up your phones, cameras, emails, social media posts. . .

  • Synchronize content across multiple locations.




Many files, emails etc. belong to multiple categories, but we have only rigid file & folder names to organize them. We :

  • Create deep folder structures just to organize files.

  • Copy a file to multiple folders – once for each category it belongs to.

  • Have no way to organize social media posts, contacts etc.

  • Have no way to group together related content at different places.


With Blob, create Virtual Folders based on content properties, not where it resides

Organize Content into Virtual Folders

  • Assign tags to any content type, stored anywhere.
  • Group together related files, emails, appointments, contacts etc.
  • A given file, email, appointment etc. can exist in multiple Virtual Folders.
  • A Virtual Folder only stores links – the actual content stays at its original location.


Day-to-Day Use

We have too many online accounts and struggle to keep up.

  • We spend too much time logging in & out of multiple accounts.

  • Searching, organizing & backing-up each account individually is a pain.

  • We don’t check old accounts – and miss messages & forget passwords.

  • We get irritated with all the tracking ads that show up each time!


Do all your day-to-day work with Blob

  • Create, delete, read, reply and forward emails.
  • Copy or move messages between email accounts.

  • Create and manage your appointments.
  • Work with local as well as web based calendars.

  • Like, post and comment at your social media accounts.
  • Upload or download files – to local or cloud storage.

  • Move & copy files from anywhere to anywhere – local or cloud storage.
  • Work with files embedded inside ZIP or ISO files.

  • Auto-harvest contacts from email messages.
  • Auto-complete email address harvested from any account.


  • Blob is a file manager, email & calendar client and social media manager combined into one app.


Check out our Blog and Frequently Asked Questions for more details. Download the always-free version or 45-day trial version of Blob, or buy it now.