Frustrated with too much data in too many places? We can help.

Search, organize, manage & use it all with Blob

Do you have thousands of photos, videos, documents, emails, text messages, appointments and contacts? Are your digital valuables spread across many different online accounts and local storage? Do you spend too much time tracking, organizing, searching and managing them? Our Digital Manager app Blob will simplify your digital life by letting you do all this effortlessly.


Blob indexes your content from local storage and web based accounts.

Simplify Your Digital Life

Blob support local hard drives, phones, USB/network storage as well as remote email, messaging, calendar and cloud storage accounts.

1) You tell Blob about all the places where you have digital data.

2) Blob indexes them. It saves encrypted index files to your computer only. Nothing about your content ever touches our servers.

3) You can now search, organize, manage and use all your digital content with Blob.



Create Virtual Folders that contain any type of content, stored anywhere

Organize, Declutter

Tag anything or create Virtual Folders to store any type of content from anywhere.

  • Group together related files, emails, appointments, text messages etc. into Virtual Folders.

  • Search, backup and use virtual folders just like normal folders.

  • Assign tags to any content type, stored anywhere.


Never Lose Digital Valuables

Move or copy any type of content from anywhere to anywhere.

  • Copy from local to local storage; local to cloud; cloud to local or cloud to cloud – all without your data ever touching our servers.

  • Backup files and emails within seconds of being created or modified.

  • Backup emails, posts, text messages & appointments. Backup phones, cameras etc.

  • Copies are in the original or standard format – usable even outside of Blob.

  • Move/migrate content (e.g. emails) from old account to new to close old accounts.

Move or copy any type of content from anywhere to anywhere


Share, upload or copy files from anywhere to anywhere using Blob
Read, create, reply and forward emails


Create customizable alerts to be notified when you have new or modified files, email, text messages etc.
Manage all your calendar appointments with Blob

Save Time & Frustration

Do all your day-to-day digital interaction with Blob

  • Share, upload and download files to/from cloud storage.

  • Read, create, reply & forward emails and text messages.

  • Create & manage appointments.

  • Create configurable alerts to notify you of new and modified content.