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How to move, copy or download your emails

We often have useful information in emails and need to back them up. While there are many file backup tools, there aren’t many apps that allow you to move, copy or download your emails (especially in bulk). Datamaton’s Digital Manager (called Knit ) is one such useful tool, allowing you to move or copy emails from one account to another, or as files to your computer or to cloud storage. The need often arises when you want to migrate from one email account to another. Your old email provider may be shutting down, or may no longer meet your needs. […]

How to find archived emails in Gmail

One of the annoying things about Gmail is how easy it is to archive an email by mistake, and how much harder it is to find archived emails in Gmail. This post shows how easy this becomes with our Digital Manager app Knit.   Quick intro to Gmail “Folders”, “Labels” and “Categories” Some knowledge of Gmail’s “folders”, “labels” and “categories” is useful to understand how Gmail archiving works. These are key concepts that distinguish Gmail from other email providers and make it easy for us to organize our emails. Unfortunately, Gmail offers too much of a good thing! An email […]

How to find files inside ZIP files or emails

Sometimes, important photos, documents etc. lie hidden inside “compound” ZIP files (or 7z, ISO or gzip files). Often, we don’t even know that a file we’re looking for is embedded inside something else! For example, when we download multiple files from Google Drive, we get a single ZIP file. Files aren’t the only “compound” types – emails can also contain embedded attachments. Older files and photos are especially likely to have been emailed around rather than shared via cloud storage providers. We often remember something about the file we’re looking for but nothing about the compound file/email which contains it. […]