A 360 degree view of your data

Many of us use tools and websites to get a 360 degree view of our financial life. These tools show us summaries of assets and holdings across multiple banks, brokerages etc. Many of these tools let us zoom in and view the data in different ways – e.g. asset distribution between stocks, bonds and cash; between different stock classes etc. These views provide valuable insights about our financial health. Unfortunately, our digital sprawl tends to be much worse – hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, documents, emails, text messages etc. spread across a dozen or more places! We would surely […]

An overview of how Datamaton’s Digital Manager works

This is a high level overview of how Datamaton’s Digital Manager works. This app (called Knit) lets you search, organize, backup and use all your digital content from one place. You don’t really need to know how it works to use it, but its nice to know a little more about an app you might use every day.   Knit is an indexer, just like Google & Bing search engines . . . Similar to how Google and Bing index websites, Knit indexes your storage locations. That is, it makes an inventory of your content while leaving everything undisturbed in […]

What makes our digital life so complex

Our digital life has evolved from a few files and emails at a small number of places to something too complex for us to handle! The problems listed here motivated us to create our Digital Manager app Knit – a universal aggregator. So what makes our digital life so complex? We have too much digital content. We’ve long since moved from having a few thousand files and emails to hundreds of thousands of content items! Digital photos are so easy to take, we often take hundreds of them in a month. Same with emails, text messages etc. Spread across too […]

Hello World!

We’ve just announced the first Datamaton Digital Manager release! It’s called Blob, and it lets you search, organize, backup and use your digital content from one place. We’ve been working on it for several years and believe it is finally ready for prime time.   Blob’s raison d’être is intuitively simple – we’re drowning in a deluge of personal digital content! From a few thousand files at local disks, we’ve gone to hundreds of gigabytes at over a dozen web based email, social media, photo, video, calendar and cloud storage accounts in addition. This digital sprawl is way beyond our […]