Hello World!

We’ve just announced the first Datamaton Digital Manager release! It’s called Blob, and it lets you search, organize, backup and use your digital content from one place. We’ve been working on it for several years and believe it is finally ready for prime time.

Blob’s raison d’être is intuitively simple – we’re drowning in a deluge of personal digital content! From a few thousand files at local disks, we’ve gone to hundreds of gigabytes at over a dozen web based email, social media, photo, video, calendar and cloud storage accounts in addition. This digital sprawl is way beyond our abilities to track, organize, backup and use on a day-to-day basis. We struggle to find our content because we don’t remember where it is and cannot search based on what we do remember. Having created dozens of web based accounts, we struggle to remember all the passwords and spend too much time logging into rarely used accounts just to check or search them. Digital housekeeping is a huge pain, since we don’t have a way to organize content across different storage locations. Backing up everything properly is a losing battle – defeat is painfully apparent after we’ve lost valuable emails, photos or other files.


Blob differs from other similar tools in that it’s the only one that tries to solve this problem so comprehensively. It supports all major content types and storage locations. It lets you search everywhere based on whatever you remember; organize any content across all storage locations; backup anything from anywhere to anywhere; and use your content from all accounts on a day-to-day basis. Best of all, it does this in a privacy-friendly way – without forcing you to disclose anything about your content to anyone.


Please check Blob out (Screenshots, FAQs) – we have free and trial versions in addition to the paid one. Your feedback and encouragement will go a long way in helping us achieve our long term vision of a solution that “just works” and “does the right thing”!